Understand the basic health needs of your dogs and cats

Having a pet in your home will certainly give you hours of joy and happiness. But the times when your beloved pet gets sick turns quite upsetting. Your pet’s health depends on how well you understand their basic health needs. Their regular health care is a crucial part of their health and development. Dubai municipality vet can advise you best on regular health care. Apart from regular exercise and a healthy diet, your pet has basic needs which should be taken care of to ensure it has a long and happy life. This article entails a few tips to get a good understanding of the basic needs of a pet.

  • Timely Veterinarian Visits

Usually, the cats or dogs which are grown up and adults need to see the veterinarian once annually. Whereas, pups and kitties need to visit a vet at least once a month for the initial 4 months. Cats and dogs above 8 years must visit the veterinarian twice in a year. After this, they need to visit only once in a year for check-ups. On your regular veterinarian visit, they will have a detailed checkup of possible illness, disease or injury, if any. They may also suggest blood work, prescription drugs, vaccinations or a health care program as needed.

  • Prevention of Parasites

Cats and dogs are both prone to having parasites. A test of faecal samples periodically can confirm if your pet has parasites. Common external parasites include fleas, ticks and mites. Internal parasites like tapeworm, hookworm, whipworm, and roundworm can severely affect the health of your furry pet. These can cause damage to the digestive tract, depleting it of nutrients. Due to this, your pet may feel fatigued and undernourished. Heartworm, a deadly type of internal parasite is contracted by mosquito bites. A veterinarian will prescribe preventive pills as health care for pets. Also, monthly measures like regular grooming, baths, spray and a thorough inspection for bites or bugs can prevent them. 

  • Oral Care

The dental disease continues to be a leading health concern in both dogs and cats over the age of two. Many pets lose a number of their teeth by age 10 and develop other diseases related to bacterial infections caused by poor oral health. Regular dental care to prevent tartar buildup and tooth decay is very important. Cats are fine with a few dental treats and the occasional vet visit. Unlike cats, dogs do require regular dental care, like a daily tooth brushing. You can help keep your dog’s teeth and gums in good condition by brushing their teeth regularly and providing them with certain toys like flossing or dental bones. 

  • Pet Grooming

Cats and dogs tend to lick stuff and flooring. Due to this, they can have hairballs stuck in their stomach causing vomiting. Matted hair is a major issue causing them inflamed hot spots and general irritation and stress. Regular grooming is essential in order to avoid mats. Another grooming need pets have is proper bathing as they do carry a bad odour at times. 

Ongoing maintenance and a regular health care routine is a must for your pets well being. So, give your pet a long and happy life by practising a good health care routine following these above tips. An occasional visit to a Dubai municipality vet will ensure the rest. Vet Veterinary clinic is the best clinic known for having the best veterinarians of the city for providing appropriate health care and in treating specific health issues as well.