The best treatment for varicose veins

The main purpose of veins is to carry impure blood from the body back to the heart. The veins in the leg grow weak, twisted, enlarge and swell with pools of blood and cannot carry improbable blood which contains carbon dioxide in a proper manner. These bulged veins in blue or violet color are called varicose veins and are commonly found in thighs and leg areas.

Varicose veins are self recognizable, large, and palpable (identifiable by touch) and long.

Most of the people also complain about small, short, none palpable, fine lines called spider veins appearing on ankle styles and sometimes they also appear on the face. Spider veins are also called telangiectasia.

Varicose veins are a common problem

Varicose veins and spider veins occur in both men and women of any age. Major factors can be attributed to family history and old age. Other factors are pregnancy in women, sudden weight gain, prolonged standing, and sedentary lifestyle habits.

This condition is quite common across the globe and around 7% of the worldwide population suffers from varicose veins. It is not just a cosmetic problem but comes with symptoms like severe pain in the legs, leg cramps, swelling in the ankles and feet and itching.

Treatment for varicose veins

Various treatment options are available for varicose veins. The treatment methods vary upon the infected area, the size of varicose veins, the intensity of symptoms and the skin conditions such as swelling, dermatitis, ulceration, etc. Fortunately, the doctors perform the best varicose veins treatment in Dubai as outpatient procedure and patients don’t have to suffer from the pain of admitting in the hospital.

Varicose veins can be treated but not cured. Potential treatment methods include

  • Elevating the legs in sitting for sleeping positions.
  • Wearing compression dressing (socks or stockings) -Compression dressing using single and multilayer systems – In this treatment method, a simple technique is used. This presses the leg which results in the reduction of the blood pressure in the veins. Special instructions must be taken from a doctor on how much pressure should be applied around the leg. Different varieties in styles of compression socks are available in the market and they can be used for some time and can be replaced.

Please note that compression socks should not be worn when the leg is swollen and older people can wear the stockings in standing position only.

  • Surgery -In this traditional treatment, the doctor performs surgery to remove varicose veins, phlebotomy and vein stripping.
  • Sclerotherapy -It is one of the most common treatment method used since 1920. In this treatment method, the doctor uses fine needles to inject a liquid or form directly in the vein. 

This solution causes irritation to the lining of the vein causing it to swell and leads to a blood clot. Later the cloth develops into scar tissue and fades away in some time.Sclerotherapy is generally recommended to patients who have already tried compression socks and leg elevation treatment methods and failed.

  • Ablation -In laser treatment for varicose veins, doctors use laser technology to destroy the abnormal veins)

As mentioned earlier, the varicose vein and is not just a cosmetic problem and requires a possible treatment. Severe cases do not respond to compression therapy especially those who have ulcers and dermatitis.

Sclerotherapy and laser therapy our best solutions to treat spider veins ( telangiectasia) and ablation and surgery the best solutions to treat intense problems like varicose veins. However, the traditional surgical treatment method for removing the problematic veins is no longer a preferred method in the UAE.