Things to consider While Consulting Doctor Online

Due to the present Covid-19 condition, a lot of doctors and patients are switching to online consultation services. But not all doctors are well-versed or are adapted enough to embrace this change.

On the other hand, patients too need to keep certain factors in mind while opting for online doctor consultation. These factors naturally include proper internet connection and a proper device to get connected online. But there are a lot of other factors which can help you in making the most out of your online consultation. Let’s have a look at them.

·         The correct qualification: You may not need a specialist for some minor discomfort or ill-health. On the other hand, a general physician will not be able to figure out the illness related to some grave symptom. In simple terms, choosing the correct doctor with correct qualifications is the first step and one of the most important steps.

·         Consultation time and procedure: Each doctor has a different way of accepting patients’ appointments. Some prefer prior appointments whereas some are available as and when required. The fees of the doctors also differ accordingly. The doctors need to have well-established consultation system, record-keeping and maintenance options and most importantly, ways to overcome the limitations of online consultation so that proper diagnosis is done.

·         Additional services: This includes the additional diagnostic requirements like blood work and other tests, etc. Some of the doctors provide the option of scheduling the sample collection and report delivery at your location or setting up your appointment for examinations at diagnostic centres. This helps in reducing your hassles of finding a good laboratory and/or diagnostic centres if the need arises.

·         Medical data privacy: This factor holds too much importance due to various reasons for various individuals. Irrespective of that, a doctor has to remain bound by the code of conduct and legal regulations governing his place of practice. The factor that your place and the doctor’s place may have different laws about medical data privacy make this factor very much important.

·         Reviews and feedbacks of other patients: The doctor which you choose to refer shall be a well-experienced doctor as well because only qualification doesn’t guarantee the quality of brainstorming and finding out the correct root causes from the ocean of similar symptoms of lots of diseases. Verifying this factor is possible with the help of reviews and feedbacks of various patients which have consulted the doctor previously.

At Med Care Hospitals and Care Centres we go to great lengths to make the online doctor consultation a useful and enriching experience for all our patients. Contact us now and experience the enriching difference!